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 The Metropolitan Museum of Art will soon be opening an exhibition which will examine the influence of punk rock on high fashion.



Here at Acme Optical we thought it would be fun to share some of the fashion in optics that are so prevalent now and show the artists that made those frames cool. The over sized and chunky plastic frames worn regularly now were first worn as an act of fashion defiance by the alternative artists of the time. Before these rebels wore them, they were thought to be outdated and plain horrible! Now consumers pay top dollar for the frames young punks often found by asking opticians if they had any really old frames they wanted to sell cheap. Frames that had been sitting in drawers since the 50's and 60's collecting dust....and the uglier the better!

Hope you enjoy it!

Declan Patrick MacManus, aka the great songwriter Elvis Costello really made a statement in his signature specs and still does. He even had his own show called....Spectacle!




Shown: Dolce & Gabbana model 3108 

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David Byrne of the Talking Heads improved on his ultra nerdy punk look with the use of 50's vintage frames. After all,  nothing goes better with an over sized suit than an over sized pair glasses.



Shown: Tom Ford 5277 & Ray Ban 5227

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Joey Ramone of the iconic Ramones was never seen without his vintage ovals. They were always tinted enough to create a feeling of shyness while maintaining a hard edged mystery.


Shown: John Varvatos V 127

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Lou Reed has always been able to give a strong feeling of toughness with the use of sunglasses. We like him in a wrap.


Show:  The iconic Ray Ban Balorama 4089

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The colorful and fun Cyndi Lauper who added a lightness to the punk sensibility.


Shown:  Jean Lafont Chimene

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The late and much missed front man of The Clash, Joe Strummer could wear any sunglass with major attitude!



Shown: Ray Ban 3044 & Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer 2140

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Debbie Harry.....who can more can anyone say about Debbie Harry? She was and is sexy, femme, beautiful, smart, stylish, tough....she's just everything! 


Show:  Dior Ever 2

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Damn this was fun - hope you had a good time - NOW PISS OFF!!!







Written by elizabeth geheran — May 01, 2013